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The company is China Port Association member companies, is the largest in East China lifting gear producers.

With the Chinese economy and the rapid development of infrastructure construction, led to the rapid development of the Chinese crane market, China has become an important global crane market. The rapid development of the crane, but also to stimulate the lifting equipment market boom brings more power source to the development of the hoisting equipment.
According to the analysis, in recent years, in particular the strong development of the energy industry in China, led to the sustained and healthy development of China's crane industry, but also led to a large number of the great strength of lifting equipment construction enterprise. China lifting industry has emerged a number of heavy lifting equipment enterprise with considerable scale and strong competitiveness; lifting equipment production enterprises, but also with the overseas expansion of Chinese crane market, is also active in penetrating foreign markets.
The hoisting equipment industry and the crane industry can be said is the mutual promotion and mutual development. China's rapid development of the field of lifting equipment, for the development of China's crane industry support.

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